Why Is Fi So Intense?

I sit here, bawling my eyes out, an oversized mug of wine by my side. I’m wondering: why is the cognitive function introverted feeling so intense? Stereotypes are at least partly rooted in truth, but why is it that Fi and depression often come hand in hand?

Introverted judging is divorcing from reality. Yup, Ti users face similar issues. Unlike extraverted judging, which operate according to reality, Ji makes its own rules. An Fe user smiles because its an appropriate time to smile. An Fi user smiles because their personal laws deem the occasion worthy of happiness. And no shade there! Ti is a few layers deeper than Te. That’s the nature of introverted cognitive functions.

So what’s the problem? Well, having your own laws is swell, but the real world doesn’t always abide by those laws. And that’s frustrating. Ti users sometimes find that what’s logically sound in a vacuum fail to apply reliably in the real world. But at least Ti is based on reason, so Ti users tend to have more overlap between their principles and reality. Fi users often find that what feels right doesn’t do right. “I want to be an artist,” but two months later I become homeless. No wonder there are so many disillusioned INFPs. ISFPs face similar issues, but auxiliary Se gives them a healthy dose of reality.

Reality often clashes against our ideals, and it hurts. Because Fi is who we are. If Ti is a model of how the universe is or should be, Fi is a model of who I am or should be. Being told that’s wrong or implausible is exhausting and disheartening.

Ji dominants have it rough, but Je doms have their own share of problems. The world around us is chaotic and meaningless, so we need Ji to center us. People with inferior Ji often experience burnout because they’re less aware of Ji’s steadfast truth and purpose.

So this post is for the people who lead with a judging function, introverted or extraverted. (Of course, the perceiving doms face problems too, but different ones.) Je doms are frequently adapting to reality without knowing what they believe in. In contrast, Ji doms experience reality destroying their ideals every day.

The most empowering thing I can say to us sensitive Fi doms is this: remember that we’re the makers of our own reality. Ji (and everyone has Ji here or there) is the agent of change. No matter how fast you can go, you still need a compass.