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“Alex and Calypso were professional and responsive, as well as kind and open to inquiries.”
Anonymous (11/06/18)

“I’ve been interested in the MBTI theory for probably more than 3 years now and I’ve always been kind of unsure of my type. At the start I was convinced I was INTJ and nothing else, then as I started to learn the functions it dawned on me that I could be another type, which I decided I was an INFP – not so long after deciding that I noticed that the functions are way more complex. The more I learnt about the functions, the more I was convinced I may be any type out of all sixteen types. Alex and Calypso’s analysis of me has really helped distinguish between the types, and more importantly, what cognitive functions I use in day-to-day life. I’ve always had a bit of a rudimentary understanding of the functions and I could never really apply it to myself to really understand what functions I use. The examples they put in to explain what function is being used at certain times were spot on, I couldn’t have done that myself. It’s nice to have some closure on what functions I use and this service has definitely helped me with that.”
JRM, ISFP (10/18/18)

“Understanding cognitive diversity is a path to knowing oneself. Cognitive type theories have promised a perspective that allows for evolution and growth. My search for this human need has been long stymied by uncertainty: an official, in-person MBTI test gave a different result than online profiles, which frequently differed from one another. Believing myself an INTP, I had thought I reached a stable point by reading on the Jungian functions. Years of self-reflection seemed to confirm this idea, until conversation with those who knew me best revealed a gap. Assumptions about which thinking and feeling functions I used were biased by stereotypes about people in my profession.

That’s when I turned to Alex & Calypso. While I was skeptical of visual microexpression typology, also known as vultology, I was impressed by the effort they devoted to research. If there will be a start to making type empirical and objective, this is likely it. Getting my results in about a week — I’m an ENFP — answered many puzzles. A lot of oddities had been rationalized away in prior testing: now they made sense. Personal priorities and habits fell into place. My close friends agreed that it sounded like the real me, too. Now I better understand my new functions, and the reordering of the old. While we can certainly change without knowing any typology, or a mistaken one, I feel renewed confidence now that I have the whole story. Thank you for putting my mind at ease!”
Grant M., ENFP (10/15/18)

“At seventeen, I was informed that I was an INFP. The label didn’t seem to fit me all that well, but who was I to argue with a test on the internet? (OK, OK, so I’ve always loved arguing with tests on the internet, but it’s a rhetorical question.) A few years later, I took a new personality test and discovered that I was “actually” an INTJ. Again, something didn’t feel quite right, but my freshly-inflated ego could not walk away from the moniker of “the Mastermind.” I opted not to investigate the topic too deeply. 😉 When the self-development bug struck me in my mid-twenties and I was finally ready to wrestle with my personality, warts and all, I tested as an INTP. For once, my result seemed to be in the right ballpark, so I happily wore the hat of “INTP” (which, despite stereotypes, is NOT a fedora) for a few years, until doubt crept in again.

I reached out to Alex and Calypso because I knew that I could not truly transform as a person if I did not even understand the nature of the material that I was working with. As a longtime fan of their YouTube channel, where they’ve demonstrated their mastery of typology time and time again, I had no doubts that I would be in good hands. (Me with no doubts? If that doesn’t speak to the depth of their expertise, I’m not sure what would.) When my detailed report revealed that I was an ENTP, everything fell into place. I came to see just how vital Ne has always been to maintaining my mental health. When I don’t exercise it, I feel like I am drowning. Furthermore, it became immediately clear to me that it was truly the sensory world that I have neglected–not the world of feelings. I’m very grateful for the clarity that Alex and Calypso have provided me as I make the next steps towards bettering myself.

I highly encourage anyone who is confused about their own type to take advantage of Alex and Calypso’s typing package. It is an affordable pathway towards self-discovery and simultaneously a way of giving back to some of the best content creators in the world of typology. Furthermore, when I spoke with Alex she was incredibly friendly and professional, even as I tried to convince her into trash-talking other types. 🙂 (Just kidding.) Alex and Calypso are doing excellent work by pushing beyond the limits of standard type testing and beyond suffocating stereotypes. They are contributing to the typology conversation in a vital way, and you, hypothetical reader, would be lucky to play part in that.”
Jeffrey H (ΔutoΔlchemy) (10/12/18)

unnamed“I highly recommend checking out Alex and Calypso’s typing services. It can be really difficult to type yourself or trust typing sites. I thought I was an ISFP, INTJ, ENFP, or an INFP. I was so surprised to find out that, I am an ESTJ!! However, it all makes sense by looking at my body languages,  and the way I speak. Instead of accepting your actual type, there’s always a trendency to move towards an ideal of what you want to be. I recommend  the lite option, you will get a detailed report on your micro expressions and how they specifically relate to cognitive functions. Its so easy to communicate, and the report gets delivered within ten days. Plus, it saves a lot of time from endless research!”
Tara, ESTJ (10/11/18)

“I am very happy I decided to reach out to Alex and Calypso. This process is very simple and fast and completely worth it! I have studied MBTI and cognitive functions in depth for many years now. The theory is so ironclad, in my opinion, that it simply enraged me that I was unable to settle on a type of own. I received my results and was, at first, dumbfounded. ENTJ. Not only are the stereotypes completely intimidating – but even the ENTJ’s of the MBTI community testify to being strong leaders, direct or blunt in speech and highly organized in every way of life – things that I am just not. But after extensive research I was able to conclude that my cognitive process truly is indeed ENTJ, and further – my finding solidified why ANYONE curious about their type must try this service. Why?

1.) The questions they present to you for answering are very objective. No leading questions pointing them directly toward a particular preference like “what do you do when walking through nature” lol.

2.) They don’t ask you what you think you are in advance. I was definitely curious to see what they came up with because I had, as many do, a preconceived conviction towards a particular axis that I was sure that I displayed. And it turned out our findings were the same.

3.) Observing through the lens of stereotype my clothing and hair style, manner of speaking and other behaviors lead most to believe I am a perceiver. This theory of theirs was not blinded by stereotype and sincerely saw the subconscious mannerisms that are out of our control.

Alex and Calypso take a giant leap of faith in order to accurately determine your type based on a few mins of video footage. But they are spot on! Now I feel like I can FINALLY focus on growth. I found my cognitive process and understand how I can be a better version of myself by efficiently utilizing my stronger functions and at the same time strengthening the quality of my weaker ones.

Use this typing service. It is on the cutting edge of psychological theory.”
Anonymous ENTJ (09/01/18)

“The typing service offered by Alex and Calypso is not only well worth your time; I think many ways it will give you your time back. As is likely typical in the typology community the endless cycle of re-evaluation for me has been finally been laid to rest. I can now get out if first gear and focus on applying what I learned about myself in a constructive manner. The highly objective visual typing approach not only cut through my own bias but was fun to do! The included detailed report is icing on the cake, very highly recommend!”
Anonymous (08/10/18)

unnamed“I had been wondering about my type for a long time, so I thought I’d sign up for INFP & INTJ Coffee to type me, and I am quite satisfied. I had actually strongly identified with the details of dominant Fe on mbti-notes, as it resonated with me in a way the other dominant functions did not, but of course doubt set in again. So I am glad that they were able to help me confirm my type.”
Erika B. (ENFJ) (07/07/18)

unnamed“I came across INTJ & INFP Coffee after having tested as an INxJ for many years and secretly wondering if (ok, rather, hoping that!) I might really be an INFP. I was intrigued by their typing method and watched their youtube channel for some time before finally requesting a typing for myself. I submitted a video of myself for analysis and anxiously awaited the results.

It turns out that I am an ISFJ! I never would have figured that out on my own, but after breaking through a wall of stereotypes to properly consider the underlying cognitive functions of an ISFJ, I have no doubt that these ladies typed me correctly.

If faulty internet tests and MBTI stereotypes have left you confused about your personality type, I highly recommend consulting the ladies behind INTJ & INFP Coffee. If, after receiving your results, you are still not convinced, I also highly recommend the post-analysis video consultation. Alex and Calypso sufficiently addressed all doubts and concerns I had with my results during our video chat. I finally feel confident telling my friends and family what personality type I am.”
Shelley (06/11/18)
To read more about Shelley’s experience, visit her blog post!

“It’s so easy to do, the most fun part is when you are getting the analyse of you self. I did spend a good time reading it over and over again, and match it with my own video to see how my eyes moved and all these small thing my body did subconscious. So if you are in doubt on you own type I would glady recommend it, Alex and calypso are really good at it.”
Andreas Dcolt (06/09/18)

“I’m so happy I ran across this typing service! I’ve been into MBTI for a few years now and have never been able to truly be satisfied in a type. I’ve taken at least 20 tests, including one I’ve payed for and still was unsatisfied. However, after receiving my results from Alex and Calypso and reading up on my type, I finally feel at home!

I appreciate that they go by visual typing which is a pretty objective way to analyze, and therefore more accurate. The actual report that they send you is very detailed, with timestamps on when you display each function throughout your video. If you still feel disatisfied with your type, I highly recommend this service!”
Anonymous (06/05/18)

“I found out about the typing services through the INTJ INFP Coffee YouTube Channel. I had been watching their videos for a while and I was super interested so I decided to book the Lite Package with the video call. The whole process was really easy, stress free and just a great experience. Communication was really simple and Alex & Calypso were really friendly and easy to talk to. After I sent in the video for typing, the report that I received was very in depth and detailed. It was fascinating to see the exact time stamps where I exhibited certain eye movements or body language which corresponded to the type. Additionally, the video call added to the specificity since we were able to talk more about the cognitive functions. I would definitely recommend this typing service to anyone interested, as it opened me up to exploring more about MBTI!”
Anonymous (06/04/18)

“Alex and Calypso’s typing services are extremely effective. Using vultology, also known as visual typing, they identify your cognitive functions along with whether you’re a judger or perceiver through body language and eye movements. Using this information, they deduce your 4-letter Myers Briggs Code. Mine was INFP. They also send you an extensive report detailing the reasons why they came to the conclusion that they did – identifying your major eye movement (from which you can know your dominant perceiving cognitive function) along with speech pattern, among many other things.

I highly recommend using their services. One’s cognitive type is an essential thing to be sure of. Being an INFP with high Ne, I’ve been able to put myself in many different type’s shoes…for me, type descriptions were insufficient – and so were cognitive functions, even. At least for me, it was difficult to achieve an accurate and full understanding of the cognitive functions, even after several hours of research. I actually believed myself to be an INFJ – with Ni and Fe…rather than Fi and Ne. So easy for an Fi-user to think they have Fe, because Fi often values harmony and taking care of others as a personal value.

I’d say clear up the confusion. I was certain that Ti was in my function stacking – literally spent hours deducing my cognitive type from the cognitive functions. Certain mannerisms are distinct to each cognitive function – which no other functions use. Now that I look at myself in videos – I can see so obviously that my major thinking eye movement is Ne! Hindsight is 20/20.

All in all, knowing one’s personal type is important – for finding one’s natural strengths and weaknesses and acting accordingly. Alex’s and Calypso’s typing services are an affordable and convenient way of figuring out one’s true type.”
Michael KG (05/16/18)

“After flip-flopping between several mistypes for over a decade, my visual typing report by Alex and Calypso accurately and thoroughly explained the subconscious behaviours and voice inflexions that are characteristic of my true MBTI type. Their passion and knowledge for the topic is unbelievable and really shines through their Youtube videos (if you haven’t done so already, go subscribe to their channel!). This was honestly a one-of-a-kind experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who may be confused about their type – you will definitely not be disappointed. Thank you both so much for your insight – you two are trailblazers for the future of personality typing!”
Lily, INFP (05/16/18)

pabon“I am so happy I went to Alex and Calypso to find out my MBTI type.  Before using their service, I tried unsuccessfully for months to figure out my true type.  Not only did Alex and Calypso give me the answers I was looking for, they provided me with a very detailed report analyzing how each of my behaviors demonstrated the use of my cognitive functions.  I am so grateful to them for their thoroughness and professionalism.”
Edgar P., ENFP (04/01/18)

“Alex and Calypso’s MBTI consultation provided me with new insight and direction in terms of personal growth.  They took the time to dissect my interview and apply their knowledge to the behaviors they witnessed. I was given a personalized report based on my interview, which allowed me to get a second opinion on my Myers-Briggs type.  Prior to this experience I was confused by all of the tests on the internet. Alex and Calypso used the patterns they have noticed in human behavior and applied them to me. I definitely would recommend this service to anyone who wants to delve more deeply into their personality.”
Courtney, INFJ (03/27/18)

“I was visually typed by INTJ INFP Coffee (Alex & Calypso) with their Lite package, and I am very pleased with the typing experience. I had been watching their videos for some time, and I became curious about the concept of typing by micro expressions, speech patterns, and body language.

I have taken many MBTI tests online, and I’ve even done formal tests with my school and workplace. I have gotten results for over half the types, depending on my place in life, mood, and how I answered the questions that day. I’d become skeptical about typing by answering questions, since the questions often seemed biased to favor certain answers. Also, the interpretation of the qualifiers in the statements can differ from person to person. Examples: “you are almost never late for deadlines”, “you are almost always looking for new opportunities”, “you often enjoy thinking about life and its mysteries.”

How often is, almost never? Someone’s threshold for “almost always” can vastly differ from another’s. Would most people agree that they enjoy thinking about life? I was often late when I was younger, but now through experience I’ve learned to be late less. Does that mean I was more P and then became J? Or does that mean I’m a P pretending to do J things? Isn’t being late seen as not that good of a thing to do, thus would more people like to think they were J’s because of questions like these? Does being late even mean you’re a P type?

Anyway, so after putting MBTI aside because the letter dichotomies seemed too rigid (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P) and also because I was overwhelmed and frustrated by these questions (“maybe this theory is actually just bunk!”), I stumbled on this idea of cognitive functions! If I’m correct, the theory of cognitive functions & cognitive processes was first (?) developed by Carl Jung, and that the use of these cognitive functions forms a person’s psychological type. This was like learning about a whole new system, and I liked going back and learning about Carl Jung’s work before the Myers & Briggs duo packaged his work into something more digestible for the public. Then I started learning about the introverted/extraverted variations of each “letter”, watching many YouTube videos, reading many articles, and overall this theory was making more sense to me.

I had guesses about what cognitive functions “I prefer”, but it can be difficult to type yourself with your own biases. This is why I turned to Calypso & Alex for an outsider’s perspective, and I am glad that I reached out to them for their typing service. Calypso & Alex are very professional and helpful, and they provided my results within a week. They were detailed and thorough about catching my expressions, making notes about how I presented in my video, and offering their findings in a personalized report for me. You can tell that they enjoy what they do and that they have done a lot of research and work to learn about the cognitive functions, how they present, and what they mean. I really like the idea of typing based not on questions but on micro expressions, speech, and body language, because these are behaviors that are fairly consistent in a person, hard to pretend for too long (I think?), and actually seem to provide consistent information about a person’s cognitive use. I don’t know how it works, but it does seem like these outward behaviors really can provide information about the way a person processes information, “judgements” they make, how they view the world, and what they find meaningful. I don’t know, it’s weird! But somehow I think there could be something to it.

Thank you for reading my review! It has been a fun journey, and I am feeling more confident in my cognitive functions & type now with INTJ INFP Coffee’s help. I rarely question my cognitive preferences now, which feels like I’ve finally arrived to an important answer in my typing quest. It’s a good feeling. Best wishes to you two ladies and to all of you!”
A”M”T, INFJ (03/26/18)

“Having a strong understanding of your type can literally be life-changing, but unfortunately typing yourself can be a very difficult process. The typical MBTI tests are generally flawed, and typing yourself is almost impossibly difficult, just based on the fact that you’re trying to objectively observe and analyze your own personality. However, Alex and Calypso are extremely well-studied and have a deep, impressive, and intricate knowledge of all of the MBTI types and their respective cognitive functions. They provide their service by analyzing your unconscious microexpressions and assigning those expressions to certain cognitive functions. The unconscious doesn’t lie! And that’s why their service works. Of course, by enlisting their services, you are relying on their personal interpretations… but their undeniable depth of knowledge on the subject made it a no-brainer for me. They typed me, and it fits like a glove. If you’re considering it, I say go for it. Thanks Alex and Calypso!”
Anonymous, INFP (3/21/18)

“There are many excellent reasons why I can only recommend the identification of your MBTI type via INTJ INFP Coffee. The most important reason is that you know your true MBTI type after typing via INTJ INFP Coffee. The method on which INTJ INFP Coffee builds its typing uses a novel method in the worldwide network, which, unlike the usual questions, can really detect the type. You no longer have to torment yourself through the plethora of tests on the Internet that produce different results at different times. Put an end to your frustration, not knowing what MBTI you are, and take advantage of the happy opportunity. There is only one MBTI score for your person and this is what the INTJ INFP Coffee test gives you! Try it!”
Dominik Obermaier, ISTJ (03/20/18)